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    The Persons has long ago turned its attention to star. The Concourses star have defined as constellations, and gave him name. Later, the writers-visionaries have occupied the distant worlds by whimsical forms to lifes and have sent there person,not particularly bottomming in technical details of the similar sort journey.Now,when we,go to flight on the other planets,exactly question "as this do?",the most built if at all we shall allow.We Shall be a realist,time feat passed, and in mastering the outer space time to become the hard pragmatics,which know,what want.

     Certainly,first or last Solar system will us is masterred and "is flown around", and at one time we flight to the other star, but, as this always can be, with what-that it is necessary to begin. Reasonning about flight on Mars and not knowing,what create the system for life on 3-4,we forget that,for instance,to Jupiter it is necessary to fly more than 6 years in one side only, to Saturn 12,5 years.But after all there is else Uranus and Neptune,there is Pluto,before which sunbeam gets 5,5 hours!As be and them?

    The Quarter Solar system planet- Mars -always was an object of the rapt attention of the inhabitants of the Land.Before recent time was considered: red planet so looks like our that there most certainly there is life, possible, even reasonable.So flight of the person on Mars always introduced the deal natural and even necessary. When became obvious that neither on Mars, nor in general in our Solar system of the reasonable life, sooner whole, no, interest to nearby planet began gradually to go out. В than reason of our indifference? Somewhat from disillusionment, which came from sensation solitude in loored around Vselennoy, somewhat from that that necessary now place of the person, as carrier of the reason, in this most Vselennoy. Can so turn out to be that not only in Solar system, but also in general nowhere no reasonable life!!

    In this connection, understand we that to fly on Mars or no- not question, but problem, costing before person. Quite other deal, as this problem to solve. So here is, given by purpose to research the problem a flight on Mars, possible come to absolutely unexpected conclusion: not only not ready to expedition on Mars and the other planets of the Solar system, well and in foreseeable future this event will hardly occur. Do Not believe? However, one, considers that deal this nearly solved, deeply is mistakens. As is well known, road in cosmos was not only bouquet colour. And this- very event, when any mistake can bring about tragic result.

    But shall now try in all peacefully understand... .

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